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I need a hug or 6 shots of vodka

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Lecturer logic

  1. Me: *presents theory-based essay plan*
  2. Lecturer: Focus on your analysis, don't worry about referencing theory so much
  3. Me: *submits draft focusing on analysis*
  4. Lecturer: You need more references to theories to support your argument
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so-personal:everything personal


everything personal

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I need to write a professional CV for my Masters in Creative Writing application. This is what I have so far.

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Tejal: Thanks :)
Caitlin: I’ve been told by almost all of the teaching staff I’ve talked to that honours is the most difficult year of your academic career, PhD included. I guess it makes us pretty tough for being able to handle it? (Mostly, in my case)

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I mentioned to one of my lecturers that I’d had an hour’s sleep last night and he actually said “That should be par for the course right now”. SHOULD, as in that’s expected to be normal. And that’s why you don’t do honours kids

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I think Ross agrees with mishasminions

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what the fuck new zealand


what the fuck new zealand

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